TradeUp Real Estate works with real estate developers to plan, build and bring residential properties into competitive markets profitably.

TradeUp knows that every property is unique. We ensure that each property shines and receives the attention it deserves with its own customized sales and marketing strategy.

TradeUp directs every detail – from conducting market research, pre-development planning, and design development to creating innovative marketing strategies.

We are there from concept to closing. Throughout the entire production, TradeUp never loses sight of the ultimate objective – delivering profitable results for you.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower – Steve Jobs

Michael Budovitch


Michael Budovitch has over 30 years experience as a sales and marketing expert in residential real estate development. Michael has the ability to analyze and create value for projects by being involved in the pre-development planning process through the firm’s unique understanding of the marketplace.

Over Michael’s career he has served numerous clients on a range of properties, from single family homes to high density multi-use developments in Canada and the United States. Michael’s hands-on approach and attention to all details of the marketing process has proven to be a “Win-Win” for everyone involved.

Michael leads an all-star cast of dedicated sales agents that deliver award-winning performances every time.